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Clifford is described as an OpenStreetMap Supper Mapper. He started contributing to OSM in May 2011. Hosts OpenStreetMap-Central-Salish-Sea Meetup Group located in Mount Vernon, WA. He help organize the 2016 State of the Map US in Seattle. His prior endeavors include glassblowing, managing an art center facility and telecom management.

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Prompt for OSM User ID in JOSM:Using a Mac

Mac OSC Prompt for My User ID in JOSM

I’m doing an import of Kirkland Buildings and Addresses into OSM. I wanted an easy way to remember to use the correct. Thanks to ToeBee for the suggestion of using unique home directory for each id. With linux a simple shell script tied to the menu item is all that is required. But Apple gives another option. Create an application script to chose the best id. Below is the script I created. Just substitute your id and directories for mine.

set pList to (choose from list {"UserID", "UserID_Import"} with title "Which UserId?" with prompt "Select User ID")
if pList is false then
	display dialog "Canceled" with icon stop
else if pList contains "UserID" then
	do shell script "cp /Users/macid/Development/Info.plist.normal /Applications/"
	tell application "JOSM" to activate
else if pList contains "UserID_Import" then
	do shell script "cp /Users/macid/Development/Info.plist.import /Applications/"
	tell application "JOSM" to activate
end if

Create Info.plist

Create a Info.plist for each id you want to use. The easiest way is to run JOSM using the desired id. Close JOSM and copy the file /Applications/ to your desired location. I picked my Developement folder. The only addition needed is one line of code to add a default hidden folder for settings and plugins. This line goes in the JVMOptions key.


Compile the applescript into a new application. Using the Applescript Editor, export the script as an Application. I called my new JOSM script, MyJOSM.


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