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Clifford Snow

Clifford is described as an OpenStreetMap Supper Mapper. He started contributing to OSM in May 2011. Hosts OpenStreetMap-Central-Salish-Sea Meetup Group located in Mount Vernon, WA. He help organize the 2016 State of the Map US in Seattle. His prior endeavors include glassblowing, managing an art center facility and telecom management.

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Creating a USFS Roads Background Layer for JOSM in Mapbox

Uploading large geojson to Mapbox

convert to mbtiles with Tippecanoe

tippecanoe -o usfs_roads.mbtiles usfs_roads.geojson

upload using mapbox-cli

mapbox upload –name USFS_ROADS glassman.tileset ~/ownCloud/OSM/usfs_roads.mbtiles

Styling with Mapbox Studio


  • how do create a transparent background?
  • how to create casings on ways
  • how to publish the tiles so JOSM can read them

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