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Clifford is described as an OpenStreetMap Supper Mapper. He started contributing to OSM in May 2011. Hosts OpenStreetMap-Central-Salish-Sea Meetup Group located in Mount Vernon, WA. He help organize the 2016 State of the Map US in Seattle. His prior endeavors include glassblowing, managing an art center facility and telecom management.

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Open GIS Data in Washington Counties

Martijn van Exel’s Missing Roads JOSM plugin uses gps tracks to identify missing roads in OpenStreetMap. Some of the tracks are from trucks working in farm fields. Others are from missing service roads. And some are new construction. If the construction is recent, the TIGER missing roads layer doesn’t help. I’ve found looking at the Counties road centerline data the best way to not only accurately add the new way but also give it the right name.

I set about creating a table with all 39 Washington State counties with the counties gis website and if there was gis data available. A typical search was skagit county wa gis. I noted if there was any GIS information available. For Whatcom County, I knew that the City of Bellingham had most of the counties data.

I hope to add a link to the licensing page for each county. Stay tuned for future updates.

Graphically this is the results of my inquiry. Click on the image to open to the interactive webmap. Open Data

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